How To Multiplayer PPSSPP Android

PPSSPP is an emulator which can run psp games, this emulator aviable for android, windows and ios. By Using this emulator you can play psp games even you're haven't psp console. this emulator has 2 version, there are free version and gold version. You can get the gold version by spend $78

What is the different between ppsspp free and gold version? You can see the icon, the free version have blue colour icon and the gold version have gold colour icon. The ppsspp gold version is free from ads, conversely the free version has ads.

Don't worry about feature, gold version and free version have equal feature. There is a feature which very insteresting, the feature called multiplayer. Multiplayer is a feature which allow you to play a game with your friend. How To Multiplayer PPSSPP on Android? Ok, this article will explain tutorial multiplayer ppsspp on android. You should prepare the tool before practice this tutorial


  • 2 Android Smartphones, You should decide which phone as Host and 1 other as Guest
  • PPSSPP For Android, You can get PPSSPP On Playstore
  • Adhoc Server.apk you can download it by click here.


Host: Install then Open Adhock Server, you'll see blank screen leave it by tapping home.

Host: Create a Hostpot network.

Guest: Open Wifi, then you should connect to the host's hostpot

settings ppsspp android multiplayer

Host and Guest: Open PPSSPP Go to Settings and Make sure your ppsspp settings seem like the screenshot above. Let the mac address Different.

Host and Guest: Runs a same game, then open multiplayer/adhoc feature

Host: Select on Create Room.

Guest: Search room, then select on a room which created by host.

Well done, You can enjoy the game with your friends now. Any Questions? Write your Questions below.

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